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AAA-ACG commits $1 million to community initiatives while lighting up Dearborn Campus in honor of George Floyd

Company plans to use over 100 years of experience and research to create community involvement and awareness programs that address safety and securi

AURORA, Ill., (June 10, 2020) —Using its longstanding history of supporting safety and security for the public, specifically in the area of traffic safety, AAA-The Auto Club Group is committing an initial investment of $1 million dollars to create and develop programs aimed at improving social justice and equality in the communities ACG serves in the areas of bias/cultural awareness and diversity.

AAA-ACG delivers traffic safety and drivers education programs to help support safe roadways and safe drivers. In addition, AAA's iconic School Safety Patrol Program is celebrating 100 years of existence promoting and aiding youth and families in local communities nationwide. The company plans on expanding these programs to help educate and support safety and security during traffic stops and enhance community relations initiatives promoting safety and security for everyone.

"As an organization founded to promote safety and security, AAA believes everyone deserves the equal right to both," said Joseph J. Richardson, Jr., President and CEO of AAA-ACG.

While still in the early planning phase, AAA-ACG is committed to developing a new division within its organization that will be solely dedicated to promoting racial equity and equality for individuals adversely impacted in our communities. This program will aim to support initiatives that address socioeconomic disparities and advocate for equal justice for African Americans and people of color. AAA-ACG will incorporate these initiatives into their existing programs and implement them throughout its 14-state footprint.

To symbolize this commitment, commuters traveling alongside the southbound Southfield Freeway between Ford Rd. and Hubbard Dr. in Dearborn, MI will see a beautiful glowing mural on the side of its headquarters building commemorating the late George Floyd whose senseless death has been the latest rallying cry for real change in social justice across the nation.

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