17:00 PM

August Roadway Death Toll in Nebraska Takes a Deadly Turn

As of August 12, 2019, seventeen men, women, and children have tragically lost their lives on Nebraska roadways this month alone. This compares with three deaths reported for the first 12 days of August in 2018. One crash that occurred this past weekend took the lives of five family members. Traffic deaths for the year are up 13 percent compared to last year with 147 lives lost since the first of the year.

AAA reminds all motorists to buckle-up each and every time you enter a vehicle as safety belts have proven to be effective in saving lives and preventing injuries. Since nearly one-third (32.8%) of all Nebraska fatal crashes in 2018 involved alcohol, AAA reminds motorists to never get behind the wheel after consuming alcohol based beverages. Instead, call a friend, a ride share program, or use some other safe alternative.

To ensure that your mind stays focused on the task of driving safely, turn off the cell phone when entering a vehicle and refrain from activities inside the car that take your eyes off the roadway and distract your mind from the primary task of driving safely.

AAA is urging all motorists to do your part to make the roadways safer for all users – lives are depending on it. For the latest information on Nebraska roadway fatalities visit the Nebraska Department of Transportation website: https://dot.nebraska.gov/media/3340/tollcompare.pdf.