17:00 PM

Look for them -- warmer weather conditions attract riders

Tragically, the first motorcycle fatality of the 2020 riding season occurred this week in Nebraska.

AAA reminds motorists to always look twice before turning left, changing lanes, or pulling into traffic. Motorcyclists can be difficult to see in the traffic mix, especially when sun glare is an issue during the early morning and early evening hours. Never tailgate a motorcyclist. Instead, give riders plenty of room and anticipate they may suddenly swerve to avoid hazards such as potholes and road debris. Motorists need to avoid distractions that compromise their ability to drive safely.

AAA warns don't be fooled by hands-free technologies that might make it easier to text, engage in a conversation, or even use Facebook while driving. A study led by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety shows that dangerous mental distractions exist even when drivers keep their hands on the wheel and their eyes on the road. Research shows that as mental workload and distractions increase, reaction time slows, brain function is compromised, drivers scan the road less and miss visual cues, potentially resulting in drivers not seeing items right in front of them including stop signs, pedestrians and motorcyclists. AAA advises drivers to put their cell phone away when behind the wheel and avoid using voice-to-text features when the vehicle is in motion.