17:00 PM

Nebraska Roadway Fatalities Up 8 Percent Compared to Five Year Average

As of December 17, 2019, traffic crashes have tragically taken the lives of some 240 men, women, and children on Nebraska roadways, reports AAA-The Auto Club Group. This is 18 deaths more than the five year average for 2014-2018.

With two weeks remaining in the year, Nebraska could experience its worst year for roadway fatalities since 2007 when 256 lives were lost.

AAA advises motorists that the best defense in surviving a car crash is to get in the habit of always buckling up and make certain all passengers do the same. During a violent crash, anything in the vehicle that is unrestrained becomes a flying projectile. For unrestrained vehicle occupants, a high speed crash often results in being ejected or partially ejected out of the windshield, passenger window, or sunroof. All heavy items should be safely stored in the vehicle's trunk.