17:00 PM

North Dakota Gas Average at 10-Month Low

The average gas price in North Dakota fell five cents during January, ending the month at its lowest point in more than 10 months, according to AAA.

Today's statewide average is $2.42. The last time the average was lower was March 11, 2019. Despite the decline, the average is still 28 cents higher than this time one year ago.

Nationally, the average gas price is $2.48, which is down 10 cents in the past month, but 23 cents higher than one year ago.

Gas prices will likely continue to move lower over the next couple of weeks on lower crude oil prices and high gasoline inventory levels. Prices are likely to begin a seasonal move higher in late February, however, as refineries begin spring maintenance in preparation for the production of summer fuel blends.

For more information on current and historical gas prices, visit AAA.com/Gas.