17:00 PM

North Dakota Gas Prices Reach 5-month Lows

North Dakota gas prices have dropped to their lowest level since June. The state average dropped 3 cents last week to an average price of $2.02 per gallon.

Gas prices have been on a slow, but steady decline since Oct. 1 when the statewide average stood at $2.07. It appears that trend will continue and the statewide average will fall below $2 this week. Currently, two-thirds of North Dakota stations are selling gas for less $2.

Mounting concerns about the increase in global coronavirus cases and the reinstatement of lockdown policies in some countries has driven crude oil prices down to the lowest level since June. Last year at this time crude was about $20 per barrel more expensive and North Dakota motorists were paying an average of $2.55 per gallon.

Nationally, the gas price average at the start of November ($2.12) has not been this cheap since 2004.

For more information on gas prices and a gas price calculator for trip planning, visit www.AAA.com/gas.