17:00 PM

October 15th is Slow Down, Move Over Day in Minnesota

One Life is Too Many, Move Over for Me

Minnesota Governor Tim Walz signed a proclamation declaring October 15th "Slow Down, Move Over" day.

AAA - The Auto Club Group worked with the Office of Governor Walz on a proclamation to promote the protection of all motorists on the roadside in order to strengthen the existing "Slow Down, Move Over" law (Ted Foss Move Over Law) seen in MN Statute 169.18 Subd 11.

"While all 50 states have a Slow Down, Move Over law, nearly a quarter of motorists don't know these laws exist or how they vary from state to state," explains Meredith Mitts, spokeswoman for AAA - The Auto Club Group. "This proclamation helps bring awareness that motorists can help those outside disabled vehicles stay safe by moving over and slowing down for every vehicle that is on the roadside."

Minnesota's current law protects roadside workers and their vehicles including first responders, tow trucks, municipal vehicles, utility vehicles, solid waste vehicles, recycling vehicles, and road maintenance vehicles, but does not yet cover disabled vehicles. Research shows that nearly 350 people are struck and killed every year while outside a disabled vehicle on the roadside in the United States.

To protect emergency responders, AAA and other traffic safety advocates have led the way in getting Move Over laws passed in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. This year, we are working with the Towing and Recovery Association of America to introduce a federal resolution for a National Move Over Law Day, and created the Move Over for Me campaign as a way to remind drivers of the importance of pay attention, slowing down and moving over when they see others at the side of the road working or stranded with a disabled vehicle.