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Watching the "Big Game" Minnesota? AAA's 4-Down Game Plan for Getting Home Safely

Driving impaired endangers everyone on the roadway

If planning to watch "The Big Game" away from the comfort of home with family or friends at a socially distanced watch-party, AAA urges drivers to have a game plan for getting home safely.

"Regardless of who wins the game, if you drive impaired, you're a big loser," said Meredith Mitts, spokesperson, AAA – The Auto Club Group. "The penalty for driving under the influence could be someone's life. If you plan to party this weekend, make your plans now for a sober ride home, so you don't have to make the wrong game time decision."

If football puns don't get your attention, perhaps these statistics from the Minnesota Department of Public Safety, Office of Traffic Safety will. In 2019, there were 27,378 DWI arrests and 4,113 alcohol-related crashes. In those crashes, 114 people were killed and another 1,321 were injured.

"Minnesota state data shows that the average blood alcohol content level for alcohol-related fatal crashes was .21%, which is more than 2.5 times above the legal limit, which is just scary" Mitts states. "These crashes are 100% preventable by simply having a designated driver. Don't risk souring a win or worsening a loss this weekend by not planning ahead."

AAA's 4-Down Game Plan for Driving Safe This Weekend

  • Identify a sober ride home before the festivities kick off.
  • Wear your seatbelt every time you're in a vehicle.
  • Minimize distractions while behind the wheel. Focus on the road, not your phone.
  • Allow extra time to arrive at your destination. Mistakes happen when you're in a rush.