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Car Care Month

Prioritize Routine Maintenance This Spring

It's finally April, which means warmer weather, spring cleaning, and car care month! While making a list of items to clean and repair around the house before summer and vacations are in full swing, remember to include routine car maintenance.

"People don't travel as much during the winter since the weather can change at any time, its dark early, and the temperatures are cold. That coupled with the pandemic means that many vehicles have been instead sitting idle more than usual," said Meredith Mitts, spokeswoman for AAA – The Auto Club Group. "As consumers are gaining confidence again in travel, it's essential to make sure their vehicles are in top shape before hitting the road for a spring getaway."

Getting a vehicle in top shape can be as simple as scheduling a routine maintenance appointment (such as an oil change), double checking air pressure and fluid levels, and washing the vehicle to get rid of any road salt residue left over from the winter storms. However, the best way to keep a car in top shape is to have a trusted repair shop where you can go when it's time for service, according to AAA. Having your vehicle serviced by professionals who are trained to identify potential problems will help prevent breakdowns and often saves money on repairs.

The 3 C's of Car Repair
AAA surveyed consumers to gain a better understanding of what they look for in a repair shop they go to for routine maintenance. For a majority of people, it comes down to the 3 C's – confidence, cost, and convenience.

  • Confidence – ranked at the top of the list with 89% of consumers saying having a trusted relationship is important when choosing a repair shop for routine car maintenance.
  • Cost – the second most important factor (83%) for consumers deciding where to take their vehicle for service. Cost means finding a shop that not only charges fair and affordable prices, but is also transparent about it.
  • Convenience – When thinking about repairs, it's no surprise that convenience is a key factor. High on the list for respondents were shop hours (78%), located near home (78%), and ability to schedule appointments (77%).

"Finding a repair facility that you are happy with and consistently taking your vehicle to lets the shop to get to know you and your vehicle. That familiarity allows them to advise you on any upcoming work you may need instead of being blindsided by it when your vehicle starts to break down." Mitts continued. "If you don't already have a place to go, I would recommend looking into one of the AAA Approved Auto Repair facilities."

AAA Approved Auto Repair facilities offer all three C's of car repair through a rigorous inspection process, price guarantee and over 7,000 locations across North America. AAA Approved Auto Repair facilities that always provide written and easy-to-understand estimates ahead of service. The final cost of repairs is also guaranteed not to exceed 10% of the quote, and if it does, the shop must obtain customer approval first.

To find an AAA Approved Auto Repair facility near you, visit AAA.com/AutoRepair.