17:00 PM

Gas Prices Begin Upward Climb

Although North Dakota motorist paid the lowest average price for gas in 16 years during 2020, a turn of the calendar finds prices on the rise.

The average price for a gallon of regular gas in North Dakota last year was $2.07, the lowest annual average since 2004. Already this year, gas prices have risen to $2.20, the highest daily average since March. The average stood at $2.04 one month ago and $2.47 one year ago.

How high or low gas prices will go in 2021 will largely depend on crude oil prices, supply and demand. AAA expects that as the vaccine becomes more widely available and states loosen travel restrictions, Americans will begin to drive more, which will increase demand and prices. Last week oil prices pushed to the highest level since before the pandemic.

Nationally, the average price increased six cents last week. It currently stands at $2.31.

For more information on gas prices and a gas price calculator for trip planning, visit www.AAA.com/gas.