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AAA Georgia in the Community

AAA Georgia in the Community

For more than a century, AAA has developed and provided traffic safety educational programs for local communities and schools across the country. As the Georgia Public Affairs team transitions back to conducting events in the community, our focus is making sure drivers are safe behind the wheel. With this in mind, AAA hosted a FREE Vehicle Maintenance Inspection (VMI) for educators and staff at Collins Hill High School!

The event took place on Wednesday, March 30th from 10:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. Over 40 educators have now improved the safety of their vehicles!

During these quick, individual inspections, AAA certified technicians helped to identify any potential or current vehicle problems that could lead to roadside breakdowns or crashes. Our technicians inspected lights, vehicle belts, hoses, tires, fluid levels, batteries and more. After each inspection, the technician discussed any problems detected and provide the participants with a maintenance checklist.

Special thanks to: Mark Mapp (Field Sales Agent), Alex Malone (Member Representative), Ron Seay (Regional Manager CCP) and teams from Johns Creek and Mansell Car Care Plus- technicians and managers, Nicole McGarity and John Pecchio (Traffic Safety team). The Georgia PA team really appreciates your dedication to keeping drivers safe on the roads!